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Making an add-on mod / Using an API

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All the information that I can find about using APIs for other mods is incredibly unclear, and I was hoping someone could clarify things for me.


It is obvious that I need two things: the API, and the De-obfuscated Jar for the mod, but no-where I have looked seems to distinguish between the two, making it unclear as to what I am expected to do with them.


EDIT: I am trying to do so for 1.8 if that makes much difference.

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You can download all the mods you want using gradle : just use the dev version (de-obfuscated) or add the code chicken core (/code chicken lib) in your dev workspace to play with obfuscated mods without de-deobfuscating the mod, I've made a tutorial for this here : http://www.minecraftforgefrance.fr/showthread.php?tid=2689 (in french sorry)


There is 3 types of jars : the obfuscated (the one used to play), the de-obfuscated (to use in your dev environment), the source (uncompiled files).


the API seems to be only the files to use to make your classpath happy

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After a bit of experimentation, I've found a method that works somewhat.


What I have done is put the de-obfuscated mod jar in "/run/mods/" so that the mod is included when running, and the API source in "/src/main/java/" so it shows up in eclipse


Unfortunately some APIs (such as the Thaumcraft API) have compile-time missing-reference errors that I am not sure what to do about.



Presumably there is a way to make Eclipse ignore these errors, but I have no idea how.

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