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[1.7.10] Can't change int variable in Tile Entity


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K, so i have a tile that I want to have different effects, but it wont change the variable that selects which effect! I'm using

TileHydroTorch htorch = (TileHydroTorch)icommandsender.getEntityWorld().getTileEntity(x,y,z);
			  if(Integer.parseInt(commands[3]) > 2 || Integer.parseInt(commands[3]) < 0 || Integer.parseInt(commands[3]) != (int)Integer.parseInt(commands[3]))
			  htorch.state = (Integer.parseInt(commands[3]));

to grab the tile from the world and set the variable, but it does nothing. I tried some

System.out.println("did such and such");

's and they say that htorch.state was called. But whenever I check the tile, it isnt changed! HELP!

tile code

package com.rabidfox.syntheticgems;

import java.util.Random;

import net.minecraft.nbt.NBTTagCompound;
import net.minecraft.tileentity.TileEntity;
public class TileHydroTorch extends TileEntity {
public int state;
public int ticksleft;
Random rdm = new Random();
public int getFacing() {
	return 0;

public TileHydroTorch(){
	ticksleft = 10;
	state = 0;
public void writeToNBT(NBTTagCompound nbt){
	nbt.setInteger("state", state);
public void readFromNBT(NBTTagCompound nbt){
	state = nbt.getInteger("state");

public void updateEntity(){
	if(state > 2 || state < 0 || state != (int)state){
		System.err.println("The Hydrogen Torch at " + this.xCoord + this.yCoord + this.zCoord +" has an invalid state value of " + state + "! Must be 0(off), 1(spraying hydrogen), 2(spraying fire)! Use the setHydroTorchState command to fix it!");
	if(state == 2){
		worldObj.spawnParticle("flame", xCoord +(rdm.nextFloat()/5) + (0.25F * 1.5), yCoord +0.5F, zCoord +(rdm.nextFloat()/5) + (0.25F * 1.5), 0.0D, -0.5D, 0.0D);
	if(state == 1){
		if(ticksleft == 0){
		worldObj.spawnParticle("cloud", xCoord +(rdm.nextFloat()/2) + (0.25F * 1.5), yCoord +0.5F, zCoord +(rdm.nextFloat()/2) + (0.25F * 1.5), 0.0D, 0.03D, 0.0D);
		ticksleft = 10;



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