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Skin disease! Disappearing & randomizing mob skins


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This bug showed up in 1.4.2, and I gave up with it today and switched to 1.4.5, and I didn't see it again... until now. Newly-installed 1.4.5, forge build 378, all newly downloaded mods, and it's back!


Some screens:






If I do remove the mod that's causing this, should I be able to reload the save and see those mobs correctly, or would you think once the bug has hit those mobs are saved like that and I'd only be able to tell on a newly generated mob?


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Yep, I'm using 1.4.5_HD_U_D3.  Is there really any benefit to using Optifine if I'm only using 32X32 textures? Not atm, but will be when the Faithful pack comes out anyway.


Question: Next time it happens, if I save the game and remove Optifine, if it is indeed the culprit then will the textures be fixed if I reload the game, or do they stay messed up?  Guess I"ll find out next time it happens.....


Edit: Started a new game to test, and before long I had 2-legged cows walking around. Saved, removed Optifine, reloaded, and the cows have 4 legs.  Guess that was it... thanks man!



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