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[1.8]Getting tileentity at pos on server?


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Lets get the setting.  I am in a class that extends TileEntity and implements both IInventory and ITickable.  CordeCache is a class that extends Item.  I use it to store ItemStack nbt data, BlockPos position.




I have debugged, and stepped through each method. 

On client side, the te is found.

On Server side, the te is not found and equals null.

It uses the same blockpos postions.


Is there a reason the the server side cannot find it?


Thank you for the great amount of help from this forum.  I would have never gotten this far without it.


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The reason is very likely what Lex was hinting at: I'm betting you are using your GUI to 'set' the NBT data in your ItemStack, which is not the correct way to do it.


Send a packet to the server saying 'player pressed this GUI button' or whatever and let the server determine which coordinates to set in the ItemStack; ItemStack NBT is automatically synchronized from server to client (most other NBT is not, however), so whatever you set on the server will be visible on the client as well.

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Have you made absolutely sure that the positions on both client and server are identical? I recommend checking again with either a debugger or by printing out individual cords with a logger.

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