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Allow 1.8 mod to run on all 1.8 versions

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I'm currently working with a large company (can't say who right now) to make a basic mod that connects some hardware they make with Minecraft.


In order to make it easy for our users to install the mod, I'd like to have the mod work on all versions of 1.8. I've seen a few mods before that can do that (can't remember which ones though), but some google searches haven't revealed anything.


How can I make a 1.8 mod work on all versions of 1.8 forge?

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Try adding this line of code above your main mod class:

@Mod(modid = mod.MODID, version = mod.VERSION, name= mod.NAME, acceptedMinecraftVersions = "[1.8,)")


I am not exactly sure if this will work as I've not tried it, however it was a logical conclusion after reading what is written in



* Create a version range from a string representation
* <p/>
* Some spec examples are
* <ul>
* <li><code>1.0</code> Version 1.0</li>
* <li><code>[1.0,2.0)</code> Versions 1.0 (included) to 2.0 (not included)</li>
* <li><code>[1.0,2.0]</code> Versions 1.0 to 2.0 (both included)</li>
* <li><code>[1.5,)</code> Versions 1.5 and higher</li>
* <li><code>(,1.0],[1.2,)</code> Versions up to 1.0 (included) and 1.2 or higher</li>
* </ul>


Hope this helped and that you can continue solving your issue alone from here.


EDIT: Corrected the version range, thanks to GotoLink.

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Hold on. Setting the acceptedMinecraftVersions might prevent it from complaining about the version, but how do you actually make a mod work with multiple versions? For example, you couldn't just take a 1.7.10 mod and make it 1.6.4 or 1.8.8 compatible just by adding those versions to the acceptedMinecraftVersions.


The features, approaches, and many methods and field names are different between versions. So how would you code against multiple versions?

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The question is about 1.8, which only got minor versions following it.

Thus minor code change which shouldn't affect any mod. (Method/Field renaming is MCP noise, which ForgeGradle covers up)

Though if some code changes prevent the mod from working, you could always surround the version specific code with MinecraftForge.MC_VERSION check.

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If the differences are too large (for instance, WorldRenderer changed drastically between 1.8.0 and 1.8.8), maybe making two or three separate versions would be the easiest way after all. I can't think of an easy way of somehow dynamically switching code or classes.

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@Mod(modid = mod.MODID, version = mod.VERSION, name= mod.NAME, acceptedMinecraftVersions = "[1.8.0,1.9.0)")

Never, let me repeat NEVER say you run on a MC version that does not exist yet, and you have not tested your mod on -.-

As for making a mod work between major MC versions, short answer is you can't.

Long answer is if your mod ONLY interacts with the parts of minecraft that has not changed AT ALL then you MIGHT be able to.

But typically that only happen between minor MC revisions.

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