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World protect/edit mod


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Hello all.  I am looking for a mod that will control events like block damge from creepers, alot like world guard.  I would also like to find a mod that has world editing capabilities.  I am having a hard time finding a mod like this that will work with forge.  I liked the Commandbook, Worldedit/guard plugins on bukkit, but I also like Railcraft and BC/IC on forge.  Is there any comparable mod available for forge?



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Tough problem but very necessary.  Any non-whitelisted server needs some sort of protection, and the only form that I've found is through bukkit, which I despise.


I think it would be difficult, if not impossible, to write.  Forge is pretty open, unlike bukkit, so world protection would need to intercept all possible hooks.  Forge/FML Mods do world modification in all sorts of ways, often as part of a process, and the coding approaches vary widely.  I wouldn't even know where to start.


Also.  Knowing when its OK to let the world be modified is difficult even at the conceptual level because of all the automatic world changing done in a typical forge mod.  Think Redpower or Buildcraft.  The usual test is to see if the player is on the approved list for an area.  But what about machines?  Does the machine (and what part), inherit the permissions of the players that built it or ones that are activating it, or both?  If all players that were involved in any way need to be on the approved list, it because painfully terse.


If anyone knows of anything that's out there like this (non-bukkit), please speak up!



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ForgeEssentials might interest you, the file you download is a coremod, if you have any problems you'll want to either report an issue, or go onto #forgeessentials on irc.esper.net - it's beta, thought.

Protip: try and find answers yourself before asking on the forum.

It's pretty likely that there is an answer.


Was I helpful? Give me a thank you!



width=635 height=903http://bit.ly/HZ03zy[/img]



Tired of waiting for mods to port to bukkit?

use BukkitForge! (now with a working version of WorldEdit!)

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ForgeEssentials might interest you, the file you download is a coremod, if you have any problems you'll want to either report an issue, or go onto #forgeessentials on irc.esper.net - it's beta, thought.

Stay off those. It's a dummy jar for development.

Ya, I'm a FE dev.

Use this instead: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?e7mb4cy0v2o4kxt

Read the EAQ before posting! OR ELSE!


This isn't building better software, its trying to grab a place in the commit list of a highly visible github project.




Don't PM me, I don't check this account unless I have to.

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