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[SOLVED][1.7.10] GuiContainer/Container problem?

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So I'm having a weird issue and it's inconsistent. I've scoured google and these forums to no avail. I posted a video here of what I'm experiencing to help visualize it.


Pastebin of the code: http://pastebin.com/J0eVqLJa


It appears in the video that I am pressing "Q", though all I am doing is clicking the items.


There is some code in here that is just for testing, like the diamond referenced in SlotItemInv.java..that's just for testing as I haven't created the actual item i'll be using yet and doesn't affect the issue at hand, so please look past that stuff..

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You need to set this.xSize and this.ySize in your gui constructor otherwise the game assumes the  gui is the default size of 176 x 166. So when you click on one of the lower slots it registers that you clicked the slot but the game also thinks that you clicked outside the gui which makes you drop the item on the ground.


Edit: I just noticed you have defined private xSize and ySize variables in your gui class. Remove them and use the ones that already exist as i explained above. Also your ySize (82) Looks much smaller then the gui shown in your video. xSize and ySize need to be the same size as your gui as thay set the gui boundaries among other things. 

I am the author of Draconic Evolution

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Thanks for saving me once again xD..I had actuallly tried setting them in the constructor prior to this but it did some funny things..I don't know why I thought setting them private would do anything, but it seemed to work oddly enough. I have updated my drawTexturedModalRect from here and it has fixed my issues with the bg texture. I was so certain it was to do with the order in which I was adding slots...just needed you to take my blinders off. =D

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