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I was just trying to install this on my fresh minecraft server (http://minecraft.net/download) and tried to install the forge (minecraftforge-universal-1.4.5- into it  using winrar , but when I tried to delete the meta-inf in the server (by opening it with winrar) it said the Minecraft_Server was corrupt and it would not delete the meta-inf. I tried putting it in even though the meta-inf was still in there but it still said the same thing. I tried using the .jar version of the minecraft server but it came up as a winrar file and I don't know how to change it (I tried putting  .jar at the end of it)  :-[ . I really don't know what to do or how to install it on with the corrupt.

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If you're on 1.4 or above, then you can just rename minecraftforge.zip to minecraftforge.jar and run that in the same folder as minecraft_server.jar, no winrar ;)

Protip: try and find answers yourself before asking on the forum.

It's pretty likely that there is an answer.


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Tired of waiting for mods to port to bukkit?

use BukkitForge! (now with a working version of WorldEdit!)

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