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[1.7.10] Custom ladders


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I made my own ladders and it was pretty simple to achiev that.

Yet i found out there is an issue with the sound.

While climbing the ladder the climbing sound isn't playing.

This is probably because minecraft checks if the player is climbing the standard ladder instead of "instance of BlockLadder"

I was wondering where that check happens, i went trough multiple classes but couldn't find it.

Can this be solved anyway? I think it can.

So what i want to try is finding the class where the "player is climbing the ladder" check happens, then copy that check into a new class and change the check into checking instanceof BlockLadder.

But where do i find it anyways?

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The sound is only playing when i move horizontally on the ladder (because i then walk on it)

setStepSound() is only when you step on the block (in my opinion)

Anyways this is what my ladder class looks like:

public class CustomLadder extends BlockLadder{

public CustomLadder(){



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You are right, there seems to be a missing patch for this.

Entity#moveEntity only considers vertical motion for step sounds for Blocks.ladder, it should check Block.isLadder. I am not sure if there is an easy fix for this, you should submit a PR (that would require you to update to 1.9 though, 1.7.10 will not receive updates).

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