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[1.8.9] meta Data equals 32767?


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I'm trying to make it to where you can only craft slabs with the base block (Meta of 0)

Or in other words, a sandstone block can be used to make a sandstone slab, but a chiseled, or smooth, sandstone block can't be used to make a sandstone slab.


This is how I'm going through my recipes



Iterator<IRecipe> Leash = recipes.iterator();
		IRecipe recipe = null;
		while (Leash.hasNext())
			//Get Recipe
			recipe = Leash.next();
			//Remove Recipe

			if(recipe instanceof ShapedRecipes)
				ShapedRecipes shapedRecipe = (ShapedRecipes) recipe;

					//Check if recipe is to not be added
					for(int index = 0; index < shapedRecipe.recipeItems.length; index++)
						if(shapedRecipe.recipeItems != null)
							//Check if ItemStack is being made with the materials I don't want them to be made with







private static Set removedCraftingRecipes_OUTPUT = Sets.newHashSet(new Item[]{
		Item.getItemFromBlock(Blocks.stone_slab), Item.getItemFromBlock(Blocks.stone_slab2)







private static Set removedCraftingRecipes_INPUT = Sets.newHashSet(new ItemStack[]{
	/*Smooth SandStone */new ItemStack(Blocks.sandstone, 1, 2),	/*Chiseled SandStone */new ItemStack(Blocks.sandstone, 1, 1),
	/*Smooth RedSandStone */new ItemStack(Blocks.red_sandstone, 1, 2),	/*Chiseled RedSandStone */new ItemStack(Blocks.red_sandstone, 1, 1),
	/*Chiseled Quartz Block */new ItemStack(Blocks.quartz_block, 1, 1),	/*Piller Quartz Block */ new ItemStack(Blocks.quartz_block, 1, 2),
	/*Mossy Stone Brick*/new ItemStack(Blocks.stonebrick, 1, 1),	/*Cracked Stone Brick */new ItemStack(Blocks.stonebrick, 1, 2),
	/*Chiseled Stone Brick */new ItemStack(Blocks.stonebrick, 1, 3)





The meta data of sandstone that is used to craft the slabs is always 32767.  Why is that the case?



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Because it is wildcard value, it will always accept all the itemstacks with the item.

Just replace the recipe with your own one.

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