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[1.9.4] Problem playing sound when player dies


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I'm having problems playing a sound when the player dies.


The sound is registered correctly, the event is registered correctly and getting fired, but for some reason, the sound wont play.


I'm not sure what the problem could be here.


  public void onPlayerDie(PlayerDropsEvent event) {

	World world = event.getEntity().getEntityWorld();
	EntityPlayer player = event.getEntityPlayer();
	BlockPos pos = player.getPosition();

	world.playSound(player, pos, ModSounds.PLAYER_DEAD, SoundCategory.BLOCKS, 1.0F, 1.0F);



I tried the sound firing in on other events and it works ok, but inside the PlayerDropsEvent it wont do anything.


PS: Also tried this, with no success


  public void onPlayerDie(LivingDeathEvent event) {

	Entity entity = event.getEntity();

	if(entity instanceof EntityPlayer){			

		World world = event.getEntity().getEntityWorld();
		BlockPos pos = entity.getPosition();

	world.playSound((EntityPlayer)entity, pos, ModSounds.PLAYER_DEAD, SoundCategory.BLOCKS, 1.0F, 1.0F);



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For a start


is not the correct way to detect player death, using


like you already tried.


As for your error: As you can read in the documentation the playSound method you are using will on the server only play the sound to every player BUT the player passed in. On the client it will just play it normally. But since LivingDeathEvent does not fire for the player on the client (it might fire for other players clientside, I am not sure about this) the client will never play the sound. Instead pass


for the player.

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Thanks a lot man, it's working perfectly now.


Now my question is... Why it's wrong to track when a player dies using the PlayerDropsEvent?


Isn't it better to subscribe to an event that will triggers only when a player dies, and not use LivingDeathEvent that gets triggered every time something dies in the game?


In my head it makes sense using PlayerDropsEvent better over LivingDeathEvent but dunno...

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