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1.8.9 Links:


If any of you can find the following mod links for forge 1.8.9 that i had for 1.8, that would be super helpful. beware, the list is pretty darn long!



Armor Plus

Baby Mobs

Cars and Drives

CodeChickenCore (Required for Not Enough Items)

Damage Indicators

Elemental Creepers

Furniture Mod (Mr. Crayfish)

FusRoDah Mod

Gadgets and Goodies

Grim mods core (Required for FusRoDah)

Instant Structures

Inventory Pets

Loot++ (Required for Spiral Lucky Block)

LomLib (Required for Elemental Creepers)

MalisisCore (Required for below)

Malisis Doors

Not Enough Items

Security Craft

Vending Machines (Revamped)

Weird Things


These are the mods i can remember. i know where spiral lucky block is. thanks.

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Wasn't sure if this is a good place to post, but it is about 1.8.9 and the OP listed the Not Enough Items mod....


So I know it doesn't work for 1.8.9. which royally sucks. but I was wondering if there is any threads anywhere that can say what the issue is- I know the author (CodeChickenCore) stopped supporting it, and I know there is someone who claims to have taken it over, but I don't see anything past that. Just wondering-

Why doesnt CCC and NEI work for 1.8.9? Whats so different in that forge version from 1.8 that stops it from working?


I have a small server (Forge sponge 1.8.9 W/ PermissionsEX 2.0) that is for my kids and their friends and the server version and mod pack need to stay on 1.8.9. or go higher. But the higher the version, the less there seems to be available.


So far, NEI is the only thing I want desperately to get back. and no- Ive tried JEI/TEI/FEI and don't like any of them. They aren't the same, and they only work for 1.9 and up.


Also- any suggestions on any other inventory mods that will allow me to save groups like NEI used to?

When I build structures, I had groups of common blocks that I would use- wood, stone, lighting, etc etc.


What I used most from NEI was the groups, the inventory page, and the game controls.

I don't care about crafting recipes or anything beyond that.


Thanks for any advice.

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Basically it comes down to this:


  • NEI and CCC are horrible over-engineered mods that unnecessarily modify the game's base files. This never works across versions reliably at all. JEI avoids this (I don't know TEI / FEI).
  • 1.8.9 is already on a downswing, you should update to 1.10.

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