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RP2 Deployer can not use IC2 or Foresty items.


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I am trying to create a Peat bog farm. As bog requres wated, i chose to use a Forestry container (Cans). To my suprise the Deployer from RP2 did not grab water. Tried using Empty cell, Capsule and empty bucket. Deployer grabbed water only by using a bucket, and not with the other containers.


I played with Forge And didn't have the issue.

Now i am using Forge and it has issue. Tried with build 138 and the same issue.


From build 105 to 135 was a complete reinstall of all Mods, so i can not put finger on Forge, i only suspec that is a culprit.

And with Build 138 i removed most of the Mods for testing purposes. Since 3.1.3 has a lot of additionaly function, the Forge is the only mod installed inside jar file.


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