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[SOLVED][1.10] Tileentity calling writetonbt() only on server side


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I am having some really annoying difficultied with my Tileentity, and now I've found the problem: writetonbt() is only called on server side, while readfromnbt() is called on both server and client, and this is just making madness. Have been sitting here for 2 hours trying to find a solution...



String keys = new String[]{"fuel","lastfuel","yoffset"}
    public NBTTagCompound writeToNBT(NBTTagCompound nbt) {
        	NBTTagList list = new NBTTagList();
        for (int i = 0; i < this.getSizeInventory(); ++i) {
            if (this.getStackInSlot(i) != null) {
                NBTTagCompound stackTag = new NBTTagCompound();
                stackTag.setByte("Slot", (byte) i);
        nbt.setTag("Items", list);
        if (this.hasCustomName()) nbt.setString("CustomName", this.getCustomName());
        for(int i=0;i<keys.length;i++){
    	System.out.println(keys[0]+" written to "+nbt.getInteger("fuel"));
	return nbt;

    public void readFromNBT(NBTTagCompound nbt) {
        NBTTagList list = nbt.getTagList("Items", 10);
        for (int i = 0; i < list.tagCount(); ++i) {
            NBTTagCompound stackTag = list.getCompoundTagAt(i);
            int slot = stackTag.getByte("Slot") & 255;
            this.setInventorySlotContents(slot, ItemStack.loadItemStackFromNBT(stackTag));
        if (nbt.hasKey("CustomName")) this.setCustomName(nbt.getString("CustomName"));
        for(int i=0;i<keys.length;i++){
        	String key=keys[i];
            if(nbt.hasKey(key)) this.setField(i,nbt.getInteger(key));
    	System.out.println(keys[0]+" read to "+nbt.getInteger("fuel"));


notice these sysout commands?

the console outputs of these:

[21:06:09] [server thread/INFO] [sTDOUT]: [com.xerus.simpleautomation.te.TEInventory:readFromNBT:77]: fuel read to 50

[21:06:15] [Client thread/INFO] [sTDOUT]: [com.xerus.simpleautomation.te.TEInventory:readFromNBT:77]: fuel read to 0


[21:07:06] [server thread/INFO] [sTDOUT]: [com.xerus.simpleautomation.te.TEInventory:writeToNBT:59]: fuel written to 50


and now my gui displays the client value while my tileentity is using a bit of both...


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That is what is supposed to happen, you need to override onDescriptionPacket and getDescriptionPacket (not sure if i got those names right) in your TE's class.


*Edit that is for syncing client and server.


I will be posting 1.15.2 modding tutorials on this channel. If you want to be notified of it do the normal YouTube stuff like subscribing, ect.

Forge and vanilla BlockState generator.

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Modify thread (main/1st) post and change title with "[sOLVED]" (changing non-main post will not rename whole thread).


While I personally appreciate doing above - most ppl don't really care, thus it kinda kills the idea of doing it (I wish WM would add some features like that).

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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