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[1.8.9] Gradle fails at irecompileMC


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I am working on Windows 10 with Forge version for 1.8.9 and I am running into a problem at the irecompileMC step.


It suggests to me that my JAVA_HOME is not pointing to the JDK and tells me that it is pointing to the JRE. Now, I know what the solution to that problem is. Add a new environment variable named JAVA_HOME that points to your jdk directory minus the bin part.


But here is where I run into the problem. I have added that exact variable, and it points to the right place. C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_05 http://imgur.com/uMOL6mZ. That folder exists and it has everything in there. However, it seems as if it refuses to use the path. Javac works fine when I run it in the command line. Why is it refusing to work?



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