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[1.9.4][1.10.2] Block Model Selective Transparency and Cutout Possible?


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I have a lantern block that I was hoping to use with stained glass, but the dilema is that CUTOUT, CUTOUT_MIPPED and TRANSPARENCY are defined at the block level, rather than as part of the .json model file by part.  I'm hoping to have the glass use TRANSPARENCY, while the metal parts of the lantern are the default Solid (or CUTOUT).  I thought this might have been possible using tintindex and iBlocks, which I have working for another block now, but I don't believe it can be used modified or used for that purpose.  If anyone can verify if it is possible and suggest a direction, it's greatly appreciated.  If it is not currently possible, that is okay as well since it will save me the time of chasing another solution.


width=800 height=450http://files.enjin.com/153233/images/forumposts/2016-09-28_06.29.38.png[/img]


Thanks for all the great post and tutorials.

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Can't you just use


for the whole block?

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1.12 -> 1.13 primer by williewillus.


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Yeah, that was my first hope.  The issue is that even the iron parts are treated as transparency.  If you move around the block, periodically parts of the iron will show the glass or candle inside.  I tried redesigning it several times to try to avoid the issue with no luck.  It also meant applying a texture to every part in the event that it would show through.  That is something I'll have to clean-up in the block model later.

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Block#canRenderInLayer(IBlockState, BlockRenderLayer)

to return


if the block can render in the specified layer, split your model into one model per layer and then use the


model in your blockstates file.


This model takes the locations of the models to combine as custom data. The


model is used for the results of








. The



"Mipped Cutout"





models are the models used for those layers.


When rendered as an item, all models (including


) are rendered.


The Crystallizer from DeepResonance has an example of this.

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