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Cancel key press


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I tried to set the 'pressed' value of the keyBindAttack binding to false via setKeyBindState during Key/MouseInputEvent as well as in the START phase of ClientTickEvent, but it doesn't cancel the clicking for some reason. How does it work?


Edit: I think the problem is that the pressed value is assigned after the START and before END phase of client-tick, so the value specified in START just gets overridden.

In case of keyBindAttack, it's possible to set Minecraft#leftClickCounter to something greater than 1 via reflection (very hacky D:), as this needs to be 0 (and gets reduced by 1 every tick) for attacking/breaking to be effective.

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Is there something like this for Keys aswell? It's probably rare, but the player might change the binding to a key. If not, I can just find out if it's bound to a key or the mouse (mouse has negative keyCode) and use the reflection-method for keys.

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