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[1.10.2] EntityItem vanishes after spawning


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I have a TileEntity called TileSmelter.

It only has 1 function right now, where it will have 2 soon.


The function that exists right now, is taking placed ores in the world within a small radius, and "cook" them into 1 ingot, dropping the ingot back into the world (which will require energy in the near future.)

However, most of the time, the EntityItem that is spawned by the TileSmelter, can be seen for a fraction of a second, likely just 1 tick, before it vanishes.

It seems to be that picking up the first spawned EntityItem works fine, but after that, the rest behave as explained, simply vanishing from sight.


Anyone able to figure out, or already knows why, the issue is happening?

Code can be found here:


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You need to clone the item stack before dropping it into the world.

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