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(custom npc) (1.7.10) (SOLVED) How to spawn a cloned npc to a certain location


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I really need help i'm using custom npcs on 1.7.10 and i'm trying to spawn a npc to a certain spot but i just can't do it.

I've saved a npc called josh to server side in tab 1 but i just cant get him to spawn where i want. I've tried /world.spawnClone(-1079, 67, 214 1, 'josh') and tried different ways of typing it even putting noppes at the start but it just says Unknown command.

I also tried /noppes clone spawn josh 1 0:overworld]-1079,67,214 josh I've tried that with space and commas and spaces and no commas or with not over world but it either spawn him in me and not where i want him to spawn or he just doesn't spawn at all and no messages appear so I've done something wrong.

I just want to know how to spawn a saved npc in a certain spot without any missing stuff just tell me what to type and I've given the name and the place i want him to spawn so just type it if you were going to do it.

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Oh my god thank you so much you have no idea how much this means to me, you are a bloody legend. I'm making a rpg with your mod (I'm sure you get that a lot) but I've played all the others and I want mine to be really ambitious  and this is the thing I needed the most. I didn't want my npcs to never move or do nothing but one thing but now I can really make it amazing. I'm thinking about making a little trailer  for it if you want to see it. I'll send it to you when it's done. Once again thank you so much you seriously saved me.

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