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This might be advanced, I don't know

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I have a mod I was working on just about 3 years ago, in Minecraft 1.5.  Recently I have figured out how to get Eclipse and Forge working again, and I still have the 1.5 project.


How can I make Eclipse launch Minecraft 1.11 using my mod when I press the green "play" button in the workspace?


Or... better yet, what's the best set of steps I need to take to get my 1.5 mod code INTO a 1.11 project?  I'm not asking for specifics on code, just how to set up my workspace so I can actually start re-coding my mod.

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Follow the Getting Started guide, then copy your existing code into the new project.

However keep in mind that a lot of things changed, so depending on the mod you might be better of rewriting it from scratch.


Thank you!  Is there a resource somewhere that can tell me what files I need to create to get things going now that I have Eclipse set up?  The Getting Started Guide doesn't actually address how to get started, once you've got Eclipse set up.


I just need to know where to start coding, and what code is expected to start...


Or, if I wanted to use my existing code from three years ago, how do I get the files into THIS project?  Where do I put them and how do I get Minecraft to recognize it all as a mod when I hit the green play button?

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