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[1.11 ~Solved] Check when a player press a hotkey in his inventory


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Hi !

I'm still working on my Item Editor GUI mod. The mod is working well, but I need something else.

At the moment, the GUI opens when the player has an item in his mainhand and when he press the "I" hotkey.

What I also would like to do, is to detect when a player press the hotkey in his inventory while hovering an item.

The problem is, the event I use (KeyInputEvent) only fires when the player is out of a GUI (when he is "in game").

Does someone know how can I do that ?

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Thanks !

So now when I press a key the event fires, but I can't detect when my hotkey is pressed. This is what I've done :

public void onGuiKeyPressed(KeyboardInputEvent e) {
System.out.println("Key pressed in GUI");
KeyBinding[] keyBindings = ClientProxy.keyBindings; // Registered in initialisation
if (keyBindings[0].isPressed()){ // The keybinding I use
	System.out.println("Binded key pressed in GUI");

I use my


condition in my


and it works, but here it doesn't.

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  • GuiScreenEvent.KeyboardInputEvent

    is the parent event, use one of the sub-events.

  • Neither



    are the right event to check for an activated key binding. If you just want to check whether your key binding was activated using


    , use


    (note that it has two phases, choose one).

  • Key bindings do not activate in a GUI. You can manually check for the key using

    , but then you have to use the raw methods in LWJGL's


    class (




    ) to find out, whether the key was released or pressed and which key it was. You check if your key binding matches a specific key code using



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