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Temperature / Rainfall (please not)


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Before I begin, I apologize if this should be in a PM. I tried sending it to you (LexManos), but was blocked. I tried sending it as a PM as I'm making a different kind of hook request than what I believe should go into the Suggestion section (counter-request or submission, depending. But not a "can you make a hook for...").


I'm sure you don't know me, but I'm the latest modder for The Seasons Mod (Nandonalt's), and I've been working on a weather API. Normally I wouldn't talk to you about something like this, but I saw that you added hooks for biome colorings recently. Since I've been coding to Forge for my API and constantly use Forge for everything, I want to maintain full support and integration with it. However, if you add hooks for a biome's temperature or rainfall, which would be logical for future hooks in BiomeGenBase, I would be unable to, as my API completely overhauls such variables and all related methods.


Which quickly comes to my request; could you please either not add hooks for temperature and rainfall, or can I code up my own hooks for them and have them become a part of Forge, assuming they meet your standards? I would like to code it myself as I have been specializing myself with all things Minecraftian weather related. If you are willing to let me try to write the hooks, I would be making a first step towards an optional (and lightweight) localized weather system. As I'm sure you know, changing rainfall and temperature would not bring localized weather itself, but would be a start in the right direction for it.


At the very least, I feel that hooks similar to the others Forge adds would be inappropriate, especially for mods that make vast changes to the two variables (rainfall or temperature), such as the mods I am working with. Even if you disapprove of localized weather, weather mods belong having an order to their changes based on how they function, rather than order loaded.

By the way, I wouldn't need access to your Jenkins to write the hooks, as you could put them in without my involvement with it. I have also been tinkering towards other hooks, but I wouldn't need access to it for them either.


Also, thank you for your dedication and support to the entire modding community. I can't speak for everyone, but at least I am thankful for all that you do to help us.

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