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Item tooltip rendering hook


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I'm making a mod that includes chemistry (among other things), and I have a test tube item. I'm using addInformation to add the amount and some other info, but Minecraft's built in font renderer doesn't support subscripts, which I want to use to draw the chemical formula. I don't want to modify GuiContainer, so a hook for item tooltip rendering would be really useful. This could be implemented by adding an interface "IItemTooltipRenderer", then doing a check in GuiContainer.drawScreen to see if the item is an instance of IItemTooltipRenderer and calling the item's rendering logic instead of the standard logic.


EDIT: Apparently Unicode subscript characters work, but this would still be useful to render icons representing element properties (radiation, acid, flammable, etc)

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Make a good hook in the style of other Forge hooks.

Then make it even more generic, the more generic the better.

Make sure it cannot be done with reflection.

Make sure it is well documented.


If all those are covered, then submit a pull request on GitHub for your hook.  :)

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Is there any update on this? ellipsis, did you give it a try. This could also be quite useful for my own mod.


I have actually even given coding it a try (with success). Hopefully it is general enough, although might need a bit more documentation. How do I go about a pull request? And is will you be releasing any more Forge versions for the moment or just wait for a 1.3 release (which I know will be a while)





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