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ChestGenHooks.addDungeonLoot bug in Forge


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I believe I have found a problem with the new ChestGenHooks, as all the methods for adding loot to a dungeon chest have been moved there. The problem is that the addDungeonLoot method is not public, and so cannot be accessed from a mod class.


Here's how it is now:


    static void addDungeonLoot(ChestGenHooks dungeon, ItemStack item, int weight, int min, int max)
        dungeon.addItem(new WeightedRandomChestContent(item, min, max, weight));


I could be wrong, but I think that method should be public. Correct me if I'm wrong though. Also, if I am wrong and I'm just missing something, could you please explain how to access it? Because it's telling me it can't be used due to not being public.


Thanks, and I hope this gets sorted soon :)

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