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[IntelliJ] Build -> Make Project is missing?


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Hey guys, I'm sorry if this isn't the right area to ask for help regarding this but I'm at a loss. I just migrated from Eclipse to IntelliJ because I wanted to utilize the real-time compiling for testing purposes. However, unlike all videos and tutorials I've ran through the Build tab only shows 'Build Project', "Build Module", etc. unlike the Make Project that I'm looking for in order to adjust variables while the client is still open.


This may be irrelevant, but I'm getting a warning message regarding an unindexed remote maven repository. Here's a picture of said warning.


I appreciate any and all help! Thank you guys!

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Just wanted to chime back in here and let anyone else who might have this issue know that the newer versions of Community IntelliJ has the reload changed classes section now under the Run Tab and without a hotkey. That's what I was looking for!

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