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[1.11.2] Village Generation


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Hi folks,


I'm trying to generate a custom village, so i called in my proxy this:


public class MapGenEventHandler {

	public static void register() {
		MinecraftForge.TERRAIN_GEN_BUS.register(new MapGenEventHandler());
	@SubscribeEvent(priority = EventPriority.LOWEST)
	public void initMapGen(InitMapGenEvent event) {
		event.setNewGen(new MapGenRogueVillage());


Next i extended MapGenStructure


public class MapGenRogueVillage extends MapGenStructure {


Then i just copied vanilla class StructureVillagePieces into my class  StructureRogueVillagePieces. But in the method:

public static List<StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight> getStructureVillageWeightedPieceList(Random random, int size)
        List<StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight> list = Lists.<StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight>newArrayList();
        list.add(new StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight(StructureRogueVillagePieces.House4Garden.class, 4, MathHelper.getInt(random, 2 + size, 4 + size * 2)));
        list.add(new StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight(StructureRogueVillagePieces.Church.class, 20, MathHelper.getInt(random, 0 + size, 1 + size)));
        list.add(new StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight(StructureRogueVillagePieces.House1.class, 20, MathHelper.getInt(random, 0 + size, 2 + size)));
        list.add(new StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight(StructureRogueVillagePieces.WoodHut.class, 3, MathHelper.getInt(random, 2 + size, 5 + size * 3)));
        list.add(new StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight(StructureRogueVillagePieces.Hall.class, 15, MathHelper.getInt(random, 0 + size, 2 + size)));
        list.add(new StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight(StructureRogueVillagePieces.Field1.class, 3, MathHelper.getInt(random, 1 + size, 4 + size)));
        list.add(new StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight(StructureRogueVillagePieces.Field2.class, 3, MathHelper.getInt(random, 2 + size, 4 + size * 2)));
        list.add(new StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight(StructureRogueVillagePieces.House2.class, 15, MathHelper.getInt(random, 0, 1 + size)));
        list.add(new StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight(StructureRogueVillagePieces.House3.class, 8, MathHelper.getInt(random, 0 + size, 3 + size * 2)));
        net.minecraftforge.fml.common.registry.VillagerRegistry.addExtraVillageComponents(list, random, size);
        Iterator<StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight> iterator = list.iterator();

        while (iterator.hasNext())
            if (((StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight)iterator.next()).villagePiecesLimit == 0)

        return list;


i get an error in this line: 

 net.minecraftforge.fml.common.registry.VillagerRegistry.addExtraVillageComponents(list, random, size);


Because i can't cast from StructureRogueVillagePieces.PieceWeight to StructureVillagePieces.PieceWeight. Is there a way to solve this? for example another method to register village pieces that accept my custom PieceWeight  list.



Thanks in advance.

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If you have a type mismatch, then it looks as if you have a Java problem. You must seek Java help elsewhere.

The debugger is a powerful and necessary tool in any IDE, so learn how to use it. You'll be able to tell us more and get better help here if you investigate your runtime problems in the debugger before posting.

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