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[1.11.2] Overridden methods being called twice


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I have an item tool that extends ItemPickaxe. Every method I override gets called twice. No matter which method it is. For example

override def onBlockDestroyed (stack: ItemStack, worldIn: World, state: IBlockState, pos: BlockPos, entityLiving: EntityLivingBase): Boolean = {
    System.out.println ("Block destroyed")
    return true;


It doesn't matter if I return true or false. Neither it matters if I call super. It always gets called twice. This is Scala, but it also happens if I use Java. I take it the language doesn't matter. If I do

override def onItemUse(player: EntityPlayer, worldIn: World, pos: BlockPos, hand: EnumHand, facing: EnumFacing, hitX: Float, hitY: Float, hitZ: Float): EnumActionResult = {
      System.out.println ("Item used")
      return EnumActionResult.SUCCESS


It also happens. Regardless of returning EnumActionResult.SUCCESS or EnumActionResult.FAIL or calling super.onItemUse(player, worldIn, pos, hand, facing, hitX, hitY, hitZ). I get double code execution.


All overridden methods are called twice. Is there any fix for this?



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If I do

override def onBlockDestroyed(stack: ItemStack, worldIn: World, state: IBlockState, pos: BlockPos, entityLiving: EntityLivingBase): Boolean = {
	if (worldIn.isRemote) {
		System.out.println("Block destroyed")
		return true
    return false


Then it gets executed only once. Fixing my original problem. But now I have another doubt. Does this means that if someone installs my mod on a server, that println in this specific code or whatever is inside will not execute? I ask because according to https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/concepts/sides/


It follows that the physical server will always contain false in this field...


And the definition of physical server is


Often known as the dedicated server, the physical server is the entire program that runs whenever you launch any sort of minecraft_server.jar that does not bring up a playable GUI.


I'm not sure if I should post a new thread for this other question that arose connected to my original problem since my original problem is solved.

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8 minutes ago, ctbe said:

Does this means that if someone installs my mod on a server, that println in this specific code or whatever is inside will not execute?

Yes, because you are checking for a client world here. A client world can only exist on an actual client. A server world can exist in a logical server, which is either an integrated one (single player) or a dedicated one.

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 * True if the world is a 'slave' client; changes will not be saved or propagated from this world. For example,
 * server worlds have this set to false, client worlds have this set to true.

the javadoc for isRemote

if you want it on the server side you need to do it like so    if (!worldIn.isRemote)

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