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[1.11.2] Remove / overwrite vanilla tree generation


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Hi everyone! This is my first post here...


I'm trying to figure out how to overwrite or prevent vanilla tree generation so I can replace it with my own trees, which use vanilla wood/leaf blocks. I've already managed to figure out how to write my own tree generation and limit it to certain biomes:




But as you can see in the screenshot, vanilla minecraft trees generate alongside mine. How can I prevent that and/or replace vanilla tree generation with my own? My assumption is that I need to iterate through the biome generation defaults and remove them or something...


I've done some research and I've found previous source code that used BiomeGenBase.getBiomeArray:


But this no longer exists in 1.11.2.


I've also found GameRegistry.worldGenerators, which is where it would seem one would add moded biomes to the biome generation list, but it's private...


Can anyone help me out here?




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Whew! I spent all day on this and finally figured it out! Thank you for your help! :D


//In a new class called ModEventHandler:

    public void onEvent(Decorate event){
        if(event.getType() == Decorate.EventType.TREE){


In my main class in the init method:

MinecraftForge.TERRAIN_GEN_BUS.register(new ModEventHandler());


It seems so easy now looking at the end result but I banged my head over this for hours. xD

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57 minutes ago, Riyoze said:



You are a rare occurrence, as lots of people just try once, can't figure it out, and come back here in frustration. Thanks. As for that phrase, you don't need it. The Decorate event is not a cancelable event, so checking for receivedCanceled doesn't do anything.

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