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Overriding the Worldgen Function witha default world


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I am creating a mod someone, for a lets play series, and they want something like skyfactory. I want to create a default world that when an SP or a MP world is created, it will just override the world gen functions and replace it with this world. I have been searching for a couple hours now through MC's source code and haven't found a thing. Can anyone help me? 

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On 4/2/2017 at 5:27 PM, TheMasterGabriel said:

What exactly do you mean by world gen functions? Like trees and stuff, or the physical terrain?

I mean like the function minecraft uses when a new world is created to generate the terrain. What I want to do is override the function when a world is being generated and make the world a skyblock world. Sort of like SkyFactory

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Create a custom WorldProvider.

Override createChunkGenerator to return a custom ChunkProvider that does not spawn any blocks.
init, un-register and re-register the overworld (dim 0) , using DimensionManager.


I do this in Underworld, but it's an optional config that was requested. Search for "forceUnderworld".

I also recommend that you either extend or copy ChunkProviderOverworld, as that way you will still get proper biomes from scratch.

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