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Modify default ore generation


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Hello Forge community,

I am a recent modder and I am currently still learning some things about Forge, but I managed to learn enough to start my own mod.

The purpose of the mod is to add more types of coal and other items related to the geothermal domain of activity.

I have added 4 new types of coal into the game, each with their own ore, but now that there are so many coal ores, I wanted to lower the rate the normal coal spawns, but I don't know how to do that without editing base files.

I need help in this situation and I want to know how I can modify certain aspects of ore generation and maybe even modify other aspects of base items/blocks.


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why cancel??/ u will cancel all minables. the best way its getting the block in the event, check if is coal ore, if yes u check if has spawned other in the chunk, if yes and is more than you want, you set the block to stone, or other.

Of course only cancel it if its coal -.- The OreGen event will fire once per OreGeneration cycle. A cycle is not a single block but a whole random vein.
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