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[1.11.2] Tim's Expansion Mod


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Hello i am Winnetrie/Buradin and this is Tim's Expansion Mod:


I Started modding because i wasn't satisfied how minecraft was like it was and still is today (it has been improved abit).

For example there are only 2 types of walls, no slabs or stairs for granite/diorite/andesite and many other blocks that would make sense to have this.

I had also the opinion having glass and wool slabs/stairs would be nice! You have also 6 woodtypes and they do nothing special with it.

Keep in mind that i started modding with 1.7.10 where fences and gates and doors were only in oak.

So i started modding and added many things. Things that would make sense. Things that doesn't look silly. Things that aren't overpowered. Things people wish they were in the game.

Besides that i am also a huge fan of biomesoplenty so ofc, i added support for those woodtypes :-)

Today we are in 1.11.2 and 1.12 isn't far away.

So what did i added so far? :

- new blocks (marble, pale limestone, demonite), with world gen.

- Added slabs, stairs, walls for many blocks (biomesoplenty [bop] included) that didn't had these before. For example (hardened clay, wool, glass)

- Added feliron ore/metal block/ingot/nugget/armor/tools (scythe from bop included)

- Added new model for ladders (yes they are now 3 dimensional, not flat anymore) and added new model for bookshelfs (nothing fancy only some depth)

- Added ladders and bookshelfs for all woodtypes , bop included

- Added 16 new bricks blocks and 16 bricked blocks( like stone brick block), slabs/stairs/walls included

- Added trapdoors in all woodtypes.


Things that i plan to add in the future:

- Crafting table in all woodtypes (Done, but not yet released)

- Chest in all woodtypes (Done, but not yet released)

- Feliron horse armor (textures are done)

- Readding the food that i removed before(textures are done)

- Sign/pressure plate/ button in all woodtypes ,bop included! Probably also in stone types and glass,but no glass signs or glass pressure plates(0 %)

- Glass doors (0 %)

- More furnaces in some other stone types (0 %)

- Better model for the rails. No more flat floating rails. (0 %)

- Paintable minecarts (0 %)

- Armor stands in all woodtypes, bop included. (0 %)

- More addition to the config file. (0 %)

- Things i do not know yet or suggestions. ()



You can download my mod on the official curse page.

Please do not download it from anywhere else.


Tim's Expansion Mod



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