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[1.10.2] CreativeTab Sort using Class reference instead of Item Instance

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So I have my code set up such that (following diesieben07's tutorial here) I have the ordering list setup, and it works just fine, but I have to use individual Item references in order to get all of my blocks in the ordering list.  My question is, since a good number of them are instances of just a few classes, is it possible to send a reference to the class into the sorter instead of having to list every one by itself?

For example:


List<Item> order = Arrays.asList(Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.glowClothAcid), Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.glowClothCryonite),
	Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.glowClothNeptunium), Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.glowClothNetherflow),
	Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.glowClothObsidium), Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.glowClothPlutonium),
	Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.glowClothRadionite), Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.glowClothUranium),
	Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.oreLead), Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.oreNeptunium), Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.oreObsidium),
	Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.orePlutonium), Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.oreRadionite), Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.oreUranium),
	Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.frozenCryonite), Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.reinforcedGlass),
	/*Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.acidTnt),*/ Item.getItemFromBlock(PCBlocks.acidBarrier),
	PCItems.GOOP, PCItems.INGOTS, PCItems.VIALS /*PCItems.causticBoat,
	PCItems.battery, PCItems.beamSplitter, PCItems.energyCell*/, PCItems.THERMOPELLET,
	PCItems.ACID_GUN/*, PCItems.cryoblaster, PCItems.lasershotgun, PCItems.lasergun, PCItems.lasergunsplit, PCItems.plasmagun, PCItems.plasmagunsplit, PCItems.railgun,
	PCItems.acidGrenade, PCItems.hazmatBoots, PCItems.hazmatHood, PCItems.hazmatJacket, PCItems.hazmatPants, PCItems.plasmaLeather*/);

tabSorter = Ordering.explicit(order).onResultOf(new Function<ItemStack, Item>() {
	public Item apply(ItemStack input)
		return input.getItem();


All of those glowcloths listed first.  It would cut down my code by 7 references if I could just use the BlockGlowCloth class as the sorting element instead of all these instances.  I initially moved away from the metadata block process because it seemed unnecessary anymore.  Is having them be subitems on an ItemBlock the only option I have?

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No, because those references are to instantiated objects. You have no way of passing a class to anything and get back that instance. You simply can't do it.

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whipped this up on the fly, have no idea if this will work, and I don't like the way it works (the getting class part), but try it out anyways:

//put this into your creativetab instance
public void displayAllRelevantItem(NonNullList<ItemStack> itemsToDisplay){
	List<Item> l = StreamSupport.stream(Item.REGISTRY.spliterator(), false).filter(yourPredicate())
  	l.sort( (Item i, Item j) ->
           i.getClass().getSuperclass().getName().compareTo(j.getClass().getSuperclass().getName() ));
  	l.forEach( i -> i.getSubItems(i, this, itemsToDisplay));

private Predicate<Item> yourPredicate(){
	return i -> i != null && i.getCreativeTab() == this;

Even if this does work, I don't think I will cause of the .getClass.getSuperclass.getName() part, you still should try to avoid using it; the getting class name parts is usually a very bad idea. You could try making your own comparitor, and try to work something out from there. Not sure it this helps, but better than nothing, and hopefully it sparks your imagination towards a very creative means to an end. Good luck.

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Here's another idea that you could use, if this is that important to you: (1) you get a list of all of your items. This could be done via the Item.REGESTRY method I provided in my above example, or you just making your own static list, then having your items register themselves to said list upon initialization. (2) have an enum, with specific sorting types (see provided example). (3) Have your item classes return a specific (or a default) enum type. (4) upon the creative gui sorting through all of your stuff to display via the desplayAllRelevantItem method, you have your items to display sort based on the enum ordinal. Example below (my not be functional, but should give the general idea):

//////////in your creative tab instance///////////
public void displayAllRelevantItem(NonNullList<ItemStack> itemsToDisplay){
	ModItemes.YOUR_ITEMS.stream().filter(yourPredicate()).forEach(i -> i.getSubItems(i, this, itemsToDisplay)); 

private Predicate<Item> yourPredicate(){
	return i -> i != null && i.getCreativeTab() == this;
/////////////Your Item Registry Location///////////
public class ModItems{
  //NOTE:For this class, in your  mods preinitialization stage, you should call the init() method
  public static final List<ItemBase> YOUR_ITEMS = new ArrayList();
  /*Register your static final Items here. Since they are static, they to will have the ability to say use 
  ModItems.YOUR_ITEMS.add(this) in their constructers in order to self initializes themselves to the list, order 
  you state them desiding in what order*/
  public static void init(){
    YOUR_ITEMS.sort( (ItemBase i, ItemBase j) -> i.getSortOrder() - j.getSortOrder() );
/////////ItemBase class, is used as a starting point for all your items////////////
public abstract class ItemBase extends Item{
  private final SortEnum SORT_ORDER;//have this initialized in a constructer
  ///....various code you would otherwise put here
  public int getSortOrder(){
    return SORT_ORDER.ordinal;
/////the enum
public enum SortEnum{
  APPLE,ORANGES,PLUMS;/*it doesn't matter what values these are, just the integer (ordinal) value they provide. 
  Depending of if you have (itemOne - itemTwo) or (itemTwo - itemOne) will alter the order that these are sorted by. 
  Beyond that, it will be the order of initialization, then should meta types come into play, they the getSubItems 
  method will determine.*/


Edited by draganz
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