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Compile source without gradle (or reconstruct the structure to compile)


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Once upon a time i found a "lovely" mod author which kindly upload your mods to  Github . But he forgot something: THE DAMN GRADLE FILES!!!11

Now seriously, is there any chance to build these pieces? I'm a very-noob on java but managed to compile some opensource mods using gradle, but this is the first time i saw a guy releasing the code but dont wanting to release the tools necessary to compile it. Or am i wrong?

Anyway, thanks for any help.

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20 minutes ago, SubDivide said:

Just use the MDK as normal and replace the generated src folder with his...?



Thanks, i'll look after it!


1 minute ago, diesieben07 said:

The proper fix is to yell at the author to fix his shit. Also you should tell him about Git branches. 

Well, i doubt he would fix that repo, seems like that is just an expo, like "Go everyone and look! I KNOW how to code a Minecraft Mod! But i'll never give the "recipe" to you guys compile too! So you will need to pass my matroska doll ad.fly/adfocus pages! KYAKYAKYA!"

Anyway, thanks a lot guys, you can close this thread!

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