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[Unsolved] Understanding the AccessTransfromer

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Hey, I'm currently just playing around with the AccessTransformer to see if I can get it to work in some other ways and not like everyone did.

Cause how everyone did dosen't work for me tough, so my question is I have copied the source file of AccessTransformer from Forge and did some modifications for myself.


Now, how can I actually make it apply to a field ?

I have took a look at transformer(String name, byte[] bytes) but I cannot understand how I can opperate it towards the readMapFile.


Let's say my file is reading 'public yc.E' and it makes the hole readMapFile and it adds it to the mapping with:

modifiers.put(descriptor.get(0).replace('/', '.'), m);

How can I use the transformer onto it and make it actually change the yc.E to public insted of it being protected

yc.E is spawnHostileMobs (It's a test) in 1.4.6 (I'm using it cause I don't feel like upgrading, its mostly the same. I'll upgrade later.)


I have understood that name is the current location of the field or class of it like 'World.spawnHostileMobs'

but I have no idea what is how to find the correct bytes onto the class file.


I'll need some advanced support overhere, mostly from the Forge developers or experienced onces.


Thanks alot.

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