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explanation of coordinates for ModelRenderer addBox and setRotationPoint


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I'm trying to make an animal entity, and I've looked at the code for standard animal models.

I've got no problem with the size for each part of the animal and the texture offset.

I can't get my head around the relation between the offsets in addBox and the coordinates supplied to setRotationPoint, so I can't get the blocks where I want them. 

I thought rotation point would be to do with movement and addBox to do with initial position, but changing the parameters to setRotationPoint seems to change where the block is positioned.

Can someone explain or point me at some documentation?


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Posted (edited)

Throughout a day i tried to understand what each variable does, and at the end of a day, i finally got it, but what EXACTLY (difference between) setRotationPoint and addBox does - idk

Alias for setRotationPoint = "srp", addBox = "ab"


SO, the most sussy value is Y-axis. Starting from srp, 24.0F - is height +0, meaning a starting point. in ab, 0.0F is also height +0. When you decrement srp or ab y-axis  values - you get height +1 with each -1, meaning you can interpretate same height in infinite ways, same for X axis but srp starting point is 0.0F, note that none of each applies to Z axis - it is 'normal'

For example, task: Place cube with dimensions 3, 3, 3 to coords -1.5, 6, -4.
My theory approach: Decrement cube Y dimension from ab value, and decrement srp value until satisfied(3 in this case).
I think X and Z axis do not need explanation, but still: you can set -1.5 and -4 to either srp or/and ab


this.head = new ModelRenderer((ModelBase)this, 0, 10)). addBox(-1.5f, -3.0f, -3.0f, 3, 3, 3);
# For X and Y axis - decrement its dimension to get position 0. To achieve -1.5 in X axis - add this reverted value to srp/ab (ab in this case)
this.head.setRotationPoint(0.0f, 21.0f, -2.0f); # Decrementing 3 to achieve "6" height (you can do so with ab value, but NOTE that i don't know the difference between both)
Edit: I Figured it out by playing with java entity class file for forge 1.7.10

Hope this helps someone if you went this far somehow ;)

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