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[SOLVED] [1.12] Obfuscated Field Name for Reflection Use?


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I was just about ready to release my new mod, and then I built it and tested it fully...and it crashes. Why? Because part of my code uses the ReflectionHelper to get a private field's value from a vanilla tile entity class, but I only know the deobfuscated name, and so in the build version (when everything is obfuscated again), that field doesn't exist.

How do I find the obfuscated field names to access with the ReflectionHelper? I've looked in MCP's conf/fields.csv file, but the field I'm looking for is not listed there.


The field, by the way, is TileEntityShulkerBox#openCount. In the development environment, accessing that field with the ReflectionHelper works; but without the obfuscated identifier, it completely crashes in the production environment.

Please help? It's so close to release ;~;


EDIT Well, instead of panicking, I should have Googled for five more minutes before I posted this... I found it :) For anyone reading, I found this nice Bash script that finds all the rename map entries for a given field name (when run from your modding directory):  grep -rnw './' -e "openCount" | awk -F: '/RENAME MAP/ {print $4}' (Obviously, you can change the "openCount" to the field name you're looking for.) It outputs every matching field, its obfuscated version, and the class it's found it, which is all very useful. In this case, TileEntityShulkerBox#openCount is mapped from a field named field_190598_h, so I added that to the parameter list for my ReflectionHelper's call, and boom, everything works now :D


(After looking into it a little more, a faster script is this: grep -w './build/taskLogs/retroMapReplacedMain.log' -e "openCount" | awk -F: '/RENAME MAP/ {print $2}' ; that is assuming the map replacement log is in the path for every version of Forge, though, which might not be a valid assumption.)

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Whatever Minecraft needs, it is most likely not yet another tool tier.

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14 minutes ago, Elix_x said:

I didn't know that was a thing. Seems about as easy to use as the script anyway; but thanks for letting me know I have options :)


EDIT Plus, that command can be simplified even further: grep -w './build/taskLogs/retroMapReplacedMain.log' -e "openCount" | awk -F: '{print $2}' (All it does is search the map replacement log for the field in question, then passes the matched lines to awk to split it up at the colon delimiters.)

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Whatever Minecraft needs, it is most likely not yet another tool tier.

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