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n00b question about Forge modded seed open to LAN

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I have only ever played Minecraft by myself so I'm very new to server/LAN stuff. Sorry if these questions are really n00bish.


So, I want to play Forge modded Minecraft with my friend, LOCALLY. There is no need for me to have an external server as playing will only happen when we are on the same network. I know Minecraft has a way to share worlds over the same network with the "Open to LAN" option.


My question is: If I am playing modded Minecraft and want to open that seed to the LAN so my friend can play, do I need the server version of Forge installed? I don't know if the "server" version of Forge is specifically for a dedicated server or if it means anything acting like a server (ie someone hosting a seed over LAN).



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If your looking to play over LAN with forge. You and your friend need the same forge version + mods. Just let him connnect like normal and you should be all good.
Summary: Just do it like you normally do when hosting over LAN

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There is no "server" version of Forge, only the universal version that works on both the client and the dedicated server. This also works as the host of a LAN game.


The only difference between the client and server options in the Forge installer is how they're installed: The client is installed in a way that allows the launcher to use that version of Forge and download the required libraries, the server is downloaded directly into a folder with the vanilla server JAR and the required libraries. The same version of Forge is installed in both cases.

Please don't PM me to ask for help. Asking your question in a public thread preserves it for people who are having the same problem in the future.

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