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[1.12.1] [SOLVED] Problem with withProperty(...) arguments


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Probably simple, but it's eating me. I'm having trouble compiling this tutorial, but in scala: https://wiki.mcjty.eu/modding/index.php/Render_Block_TESR_/_OBJ-1.12


The line that goes 


setDefaultState(blockState.getBaseState().withProperty(IS_HANDLES, false));


In scala is the same, but without the semicolon at the end of course. As shown in the code, IS_HANDLES is of type PropertyBool as that is what the convenience implementation PropertyBool.create("") returns.


Got a type mismatch exception


found :net.minecraft.block.properties.PropertyBool
required: net.minecraft.block.properties.IProperty[T]


It is strange because if PropertyDirection is used instead, it works. But of course, we want a boolean here, not a facing like in other blocks.


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31 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

I am by no means a Scala expert. Does Scala do autoboxing? If not, you might need to manually box the false into a java.lang.Boolean for the types to match up.


Thank you very much. It was that. I'm not an expert either, but I do know it automatically changes the Scala Boolean to a Java boolean (the primitive). Meaning it is not boxed. Got it working with any of the following:

setDefaultState(blockState.getBaseState.withProperty(BlockProperties.IS_HANDLES, java.lang.Boolean.FALSE))


setDefaultState(blockState.getBaseState.withProperty(BlockProperties.IS_HANDLES, false.asInstanceOf[java.lang.Boolean])


setDefaultState(blockState.getBaseState.withProperty(BlockProperties.IS_HANDLES, Boolean.box(false))


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