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Client-side LivingHurtEvent alternative


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I'm making a client-side hud mod that I want to tell me the last person that hit me, but I'm not sure how to go about it. The LivingHurtEvent has this info, but it's only server side :(, so I'm trying to find an alternative that's client side.


I read a thread about something similar to this, where it was suggested the original poster either check every tick if the player's health decreases or look around for a packet that sends that info. 


Checking if my player's health is decreasing won't tell me what hit me, but I was wondering if anybody knew if any packets used this info - I've looked around but I'm still a little confused how to read what these packets do.


Alternatively, if that packet doesn't exist, how should i go about checking my surroundings for what hurt me?


Any advice is appreciated, thanks :)



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I'm not certain but the combat tracker might be up to date on the client side. Each entity living base child class has a combat tracker that indicates what is attacking and what the damage source is. So you can call the getCombatTracker() on the player entity and then get further info such as the damage source and attacker. I guess you'd do it in the Player tick event.


Also, if you can't figure out an easier way, you can have the server side send a custom packet to the client with the info you need.

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