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    • The actual error is most likely further up in the log. Post the debug.log.
    • You might find this working example useful https://github.com/TheGreyGhost/MinecraftByExample/tree/master/src/main/java/minecraftbyexample/mbe60_network_messages    The relevant bit is  StartupCommon.simpleChannel.sendToServer(airstrikeMessageToServer); in ItemAirStrike class   -TGG
    • Today I opened my minecraft as usual. When Im open forge FML loading Interface. My LaptopLaptop is out of power. When I opend it again and try to use forge. its always crashed. I have already tried uninstall and install again but is still crashed, how can i fix it. Thanks!
    • 1.12 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.
    • Im new to Forge modding, Im currently trying to create a config that follows a structure like, or equivalent to this: # Configuration file materials [ # some default comment that describes what these values do { S:ore=thermalfoundation:ore:0 S:ingot=thermalfoundation:material:128 S:dust=thermalfoundation:material:64 } { S:ore=thermalfoundation:ore:1 S:ingot=thermalfoundation:material:129 S:dust=thermalfoundation:material:65 } { S:ore=thermalfoundation:ore:2 S:ingot=thermalfoundation:material:130 S:dust=thermalfoundation:material:66 } ## ... etc ] general { B:enableDebug=true I:stuffidk=100 ## etc etc } I want my mod to be standalone in sense of only having to have a forge installation.  Im quite reluctant to create custom scripts that parse and serialize raw text from files, and would like to keep using forge's provided configutation manager.  I want the amount of entry's in materials to be variable, with each having no name if possible.   Right now my code is fairly simple.  How would I go about achieving the above? public static Configuration config; private static String fileLocation = "config/"+OreUnify.MODID+".cfg"; public static void init() { config = new Configuration(new File(fileLocation)); //TODO default initialisation of config if empty try { config.load(); } catch (Exception e) { System.out.println("Cannot load configuration file!"); } finally { config.save(); } //TODO read data and configure the mod ConfigCategory generalConfig = config.getCategory("general"); someOtherThingIDK( generalConfig.get("enableDebug").getBoolean() ); //anotherThingIteratingOverEntrys( ??? ); }  
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