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Longer Smelting Times


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Is this possible? Ive been poking around on the net, and didnt find anything conclusive yet, so far this has interested me,


FurnaceRecipes.smelting().addSmelting(ITEM OR BLOCK, int, new ItemStack(ITEM OR BLOCK, int, int), float);


is this used for what I am seeking? or can I add code to the ussual:


GameRegistry.addSmelting(item or block), new ItemStack(item or block, int), float);

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Ya I can kinda understand the code of the tileEntty, but I just cant manage to get it down enough to make my own furnace for instance, Ive gotten it written out and placeable and working, but boy did I not understand anything about the code I was following.


I love learning it though, and my Java programming class is helping, Il get there!


I appreciate all this input. Thanks Gentlemen.

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