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Metadata Blocks


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Second time bothering you guys. I'll make a habit out of this ;D


So, I'm having trouble with creating a metadata block that has differing textures and name from the normal one.


Main .class:


package scienceMod;


import net.minecraft.block.Block;

import net.minecraft.item.Item;

import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack;

import net.minecraft.item.crafting.FurnaceRecipes;

import net.minecraft.src.ModLoader;

import net.minecraftforge.client.MinecraftForgeClient;

import net.minecraftforge.common.Configuration;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod.Init;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod.PreInit;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.SidedProxy;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.event.FMLInitializationEvent;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.event.FMLPreInitializationEvent;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.network.NetworkMod;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.registry.GameRegistry;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.registry.LanguageRegistry;


@Mod(modid = "mod_scienceMod", name = "Science Mod", version = "1.0")

@NetworkMod(clientSideRequired = true, serverSideRequired = false)



public class scienceMod


@SidedProxy(clientSide = "scienceMod.ClientProxy", serverSide = "scienceMod.CommonProxy")

public static CommonProxy proxy;


public static int scienceMetaItemID;

public static int scienceMetaIngotID;

public static int scienceMetaOreID;

public static int scienceMetaOreBlockID;


public static Item scienceMetaItem;

public static Item scienceMetaOre;

public static Item scienceMetaIngot;


public static Block scienceMetaOreBlock;





public void loadConfig(FMLPreInitializationEvent event)


Configuration config = new Configuration(event.getSuggestedConfigurationFile());




scienceMetaOreID = config.getItem("Science Ore ID", 10500).getInt();

scienceMetaItemID = config.getItem("Science Item ID", 10501).getInt();

scienceMetaIngotID = config.getItem("Science Ingot ID", 10502).getInt();

scienceMetaOreBlockID = config.getBlock("Science Ore ID", 500).getInt();








public void load(FMLInitializationEvent event)
















public static void addBlocks()


scienceMetaOreBlock = new BlockScienceMetaOre(scienceMetaOreBlockID).setBlockName("Meta Ore Block");





public void registerBlocks()


//Ore Blocks

GameRegistry.registerBlock(scienceMetaOreBlock, "Meta Ore Block");

ModLoader.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaOreBlock, 1, 0), "Cuprite");

ModLoader.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaOreBlock, 1, 1), "Cassiterite");

ModLoader.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaOreBlock, 1, 2), "Periclase");

ModLoader.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaOreBlock, 1, 3), "Garnierite");





public static void addItems()


scienceMetaItem = new ItemScienceMetaItem(scienceMetaItemID).setItemName("Meta Item");

scienceMetaIngot = new ItemScienceMetaIngot(scienceMetaIngotID).setItemName("Meta Ingot");

scienceMetaOre = new ItemScienceMetaOre(scienceMetaOreID).setItemName("Meta Ore");

// item = new item.class(int itemID).setItemName(string name)





private void registerItems()


GameRegistry.registerItem(scienceMetaItem, "Meta Item");

GameRegistry.registerItem(scienceMetaIngot, "Meta Ingot");

GameRegistry.registerItem(scienceMetaOre, "Meta Ore");

// GameRegistry.registerItem(Item item, string name)





private void nameItems()


LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaItem, 1, 0), "Gearbox");

LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaItem, 1, 1), "Wire");

LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaItem, 1, 2), "Magnet");

LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaItem, 1, 3), "Coil");

LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaIngot, 1, 0), "Copper Ingot");

LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaIngot, 1, 1), "Tin Ingot");

LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaIngot, 1, 2), "Magnesium Ingot");

LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaIngot, 1, 3), "Nickel Ingot");

LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaOre, 1, 0), "Cuprite Chunk");

LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaOre, 1, 1), "Cassiterite Chunk");

LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaOre, 1, 2), "Periclase Chunk");

LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(scienceMetaOre, 1, 3), "Garnierite Chunk");

// LanguageRegistry.addName(new ItemStack(Item item, int amount, int meta), string name)






And the BlockScienceMetaOre.class:


package scienceMod;


import java.util.List;

import java.util.Random;


import cpw.mods.fml.relauncher.Side;

import cpw.mods.fml.relauncher.SideOnly;


import net.minecraft.block.Block;

import net.minecraft.block.material.Material;

import net.minecraft.creativetab.CreativeTabs;

import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack;


public class BlockScienceMetaOre extends Block


public static String[] scienceMetaOreBlockNames = new String[]{"Cuprite", "Cassiterite", "Periclase", "Garnierite"};


public BlockScienceMetaOre(int id)


super(id, Material.rock);




public String getTextureFile()


return CommonProxy.blocks;



public int getBlockTextureFromSideAndMetadata (int side, int metadata) {

return 16+metadata;




public int idDropped(int par1, Random rand, int par2)


return scienceMod.scienceMetaOre.itemID;





public int damageDropped(int i)


return i;



public int quantityDropped(Random rand)


int drop = 1;

return drop;




public void getSubBlocks(int par1, CreativeTabs tab, List subItems) {

for (int ix = 0; ix < 4; ix++) {

subItems.add(new ItemStack(this, 1, ix));







Have tried a number of different methods, and I'm feeling really clueless now, so please help.


For the science.  ::)

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You need an itemBlock (Your item oreclass)


That class stores the metainformation.


public class OreMetaItem extends ItemBlock


    public OreMetaItem(int par1)






    public int getMetadata(int par1)


        return par1;





Than you have to add this to your BaseModfile


GameRegistry.registerBlock(block, ItemBlock.class);



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Weird, that cause me to error like hell earlier. Oh well, I guess I'll try it again.


Edit: okay, I got them to spawn as separate blocks that drop the respective ores. Next thing is fixing the names. I don't want my periclase called garnierite.


Edit 2: And it's working, thanks for the help.

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[class_746['RappyTheToy'/199, l='ClientLevel', x=-8.50, y=68.00, z=9.50]]     Chunk stats: 1024, 475     Level dimension: minecraft:overworld     Level spawn location: World: (0,72,0), Section: (at 0,8,0 in 0,4,0; chunk contains blocks 0,-64,0 to 15,319,15), Region: (0,0; contains chunks 0,0 to 31,31, blocks 0,-64,0 to 511,319,511)     Level time: 62 game time, 62 day time     Server brand: fabric     Server type: Integrated singleplayer server Stacktrace:     at net.minecraft.class_638.method_8538(class_638.java:455)     at net.minecraft.class_310.method_1587(class_310.java:2390)     at net.minecraft.class_310.method_1514(class_310.java:805)     at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.method_44604(Main.java:244)     at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(Main.java:51)     at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.game.minecraft.MinecraftGameProvider.launch(MinecraftGameProvider.java:461)     at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.Knot.launch(Knot.java:74)     at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClient.main(KnotClient.java:23) -- Last reload -- Details:     Reload number: 1     Reload reason: initial     Finished: Yes     Packs: vanilla, Fabric Mods, minecraft/physicsmod -- System Details -- Details:     Minecraft Version: 1.19.3     Minecraft Version ID: 1.19.3     Operating System: Windows 10 (amd64) version 10.0     Java Version: 17.0.3, Microsoft     Java VM Version: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Microsoft     Memory: 825264992 bytes (787 MiB) / 2147483648 bytes (2048 MiB) up to 2147483648 bytes (2048 MiB)     CPUs: 24     Processor Vendor: AuthenticAMD     Processor Name: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor                 Identifier: AuthenticAMD Family 25 Model 33 Stepping 2     Microarchitecture: Zen 3     Frequency (GHz): 4.20     Number of physical packages: 1     Number of physical CPUs: 12     Number of logical CPUs: 24     Graphics card #0 name: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080     Graphics card #0 vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de)     Graphics card #0 VRAM (MB): 4095.00     Graphics card #0 deviceId: 0x2216     Graphics card #0 versionInfo: DriverVersion=     Memory slot #0 capacity (MB): 8192.00     Memory slot #0 clockSpeed (GHz): 2.13     Memory slot #0 type: DDR4     Memory slot #1 capacity (MB): 8192.00     Memory slot #1 clockSpeed (GHz): 2.13     Memory slot #1 type: DDR4     Memory slot #2 capacity (MB): 8192.00     Memory slot #2 clockSpeed (GHz): 2.13     Memory slot #2 type: DDR4     Memory slot #3 capacity (MB): 8192.00     Memory slot #3 clockSpeed (GHz): 2.13     Memory slot #3 type: DDR4     Virtual memory max (MB): 37790.38     Virtual memory used (MB): 15848.40     Swap memory total (MB): 5120.00     Swap memory used (MB): 12.06     JVM Flags: 9 total; -XX:HeapDumpPath=MojangTricksIntelDriversForPerformance_javaw.exe_minecraft.exe.heapdump -Xss1M -Xmx2G -XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:G1NewSizePercent=20 -XX:G1ReservePercent=20 -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=50 -XX:G1HeapRegionSize=32M     Fabric Mods:          fabric-api: Fabric API 0.72.0+1.19.3             fabric-api-base: Fabric API Base 0.4.20+afca2f3e85             fabric-api-lookup-api-v1: Fabric API Lookup API (v1) 1.6.19+49abcf7e85             fabric-biome-api-v1: Fabric Biome API (v1) 12.1.0+b5d379b085             fabric-block-api-v1: Fabric Block API (v1) 1.0.4+e022e5d185             fabric-blockrenderlayer-v1: Fabric BlockRenderLayer Registration (v1) 1.1.29+c6af733c85             fabric-client-tags-api-v1: Fabric Client Tags 1.0.11+1134c5b885             fabric-command-api-v1: Fabric Command API (v1) 1.2.21+f71b366f85             fabric-command-api-v2: Fabric Command API (v2) 2.2.0+3fc4752e85             fabric-commands-v0: Fabric Commands (v0) 0.2.38+df3654b385             fabric-containers-v0: Fabric Containers (v0) 0.1.46+df3654b385             fabric-content-registries-v0: Fabric Content Registries (v0) 3.5.0+1d37d50285             fabric-convention-tags-v1: Fabric Convention Tags 1.2.1+8e4e694f85             fabric-crash-report-info-v1: Fabric Crash Report Info (v1) 0.2.13+aeb40ebe85             fabric-data-generation-api-v1: Fabric Data Generation API (v1) 11.1.4+1134c5b885             fabric-dimensions-v1: Fabric Dimensions API (v1) 2.1.40+48349a3f85             fabric-entity-events-v1: Fabric Entity Events (v1) 1.5.6+b83334a085             fabric-events-interaction-v0: Fabric Events Interaction (v0) 0.4.39+3baeb27a85             fabric-events-lifecycle-v0: Fabric Events Lifecycle (v0) 0.2.42+df3654b385             fabric-game-rule-api-v1: Fabric Game Rule API (v1) 1.0.29+99f9db8085             fabric-item-api-v1: Fabric Item API (v1) 2.1.8+1134c5b885             fabric-item-group-api-v1: Fabric Item Group API (v1) 2.1.11+1134c5b885             fabric-key-binding-api-v1: Fabric Key Binding API (v1) 1.0.30+bc01e09785             fabric-keybindings-v0: Fabric Key Bindings (v0) 0.2.28+df3654b385             fabric-lifecycle-events-v1: Fabric Lifecycle Events (v1) 2.2.9+23a79c8a85             fabric-loot-api-v2: Fabric Loot API (v2) 1.1.19+75e9821185             fabric-loot-tables-v1: Fabric Loot Tables (v1) 1.1.23+9e7660c685             fabric-message-api-v1: Fabric Message API (v1) 5.0.13+6ede1da985             fabric-mining-level-api-v1: Fabric Mining Level API (v1) 2.1.30+49abcf7e85             fabric-models-v0: Fabric Models (v0) 0.3.26+11ba9c3b85             fabric-networking-api-v1: Fabric Networking API (v1) 1.2.16+4017a8cb85             fabric-networking-v0: Fabric Networking (v0) 0.3.33+df3654b385             fabric-object-builder-api-v1: Fabric Object Builder API (v1) 5.3.0+85f102ee85             fabric-particles-v1: Fabric Particles (v1) 1.0.19+f1e4495b85             fabric-recipe-api-v1: Fabric Recipe API (v1) 1.0.0+5176f73d85             fabric-registry-sync-v0: Fabric Registry Sync (v0) 2.0.4+1134c5b885             fabric-renderer-api-v1: Fabric Renderer API (v1) 2.2.0+9f179aa185             fabric-renderer-indigo: Fabric Renderer - Indigo 0.7.0+9f179aa185             fabric-renderer-registries-v1: Fabric Renderer Registries (v1) 3.2.29+df3654b385             fabric-rendering-data-attachment-v1: Fabric Rendering Data Attachment (v1) 0.3.24+afca2f3e85             fabric-rendering-fluids-v1: Fabric Rendering Fluids (v1) 3.0.17+f1e4495b85             fabric-rendering-v0: Fabric Rendering (v0) 1.1.32+df3654b385             fabric-rendering-v1: Fabric Rendering (v1) 1.12.0+6dc0edd785             fabric-resource-conditions-api-v1: Fabric Resource Conditions API (v1) 2.2.2+1134c5b885             fabric-resource-loader-v0: Fabric Resource Loader (v0) 0.10.4+a91e48b785             fabric-screen-api-v1: Fabric Screen API (v1) 1.0.40+f1e4495b85             fabric-screen-handler-api-v1: Fabric Screen Handler API (v1) 1.3.12+99f9db8085             fabric-sound-api-v1: Fabric Sound API (v1) 1.0.7+75e9821185             fabric-transfer-api-v1: Fabric Transfer API (v1) 2.1.14+ccd377ba85             fabric-transitive-access-wideners-v1: Fabric Transitive Access Wideners (v1) 2.3.0+5b9a588b85         fabricloader: Fabric Loader 0.14.14         java: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM 17         minecraft: Minecraft 1.19.3         physicsmod: Physics Mod 2.10.1         sodium: Sodium 0.4.9+build.23     Launched Version: fabric-loader-0.14.14-1.19.3     Backend library: LWJGL version 3.3.1 SNAPSHOT     Backend API: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080/PCIe/SSE2 GL version 3.2.0 NVIDIA 528.24, NVIDIA Corporation     Window size: 1920x1080     GL Caps: Using framebuffer using OpenGL 3.2     GL debug messages:      Using VBOs: Yes     Is Modded: Definitely; Client brand changed to 'fabric'; Server brand changed to 'fabric'     Type: Integrated Server (map_client.txt)     Graphics mode: fancy     Resource Packs: fabric     Current Language: English (US)     CPU: 24x AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor      Server Running: true     Player Count: 1 / 8; [class_3222['RappyTheToy'/199, l='ServerLevel[re]', x=-8.50, y=68.00, z=9.50]]     Data Packs: vanilla, fabric     Enabled Feature Flags: minecraft:vanilla     World Generation: Stable
    • The error message "attempting to assign weaker access privileges; was public" usually occurs in Java when you try to change the access level of a member (such as a field or method) to a less restrictive level than it was defined with originally. For example, if a method is defined as public, you cannot change its access level to private or protected. In Java, the access level for a member can only be made more restrictive, not less restrictive, to ensure that subclasses cannot weaken the accessibility of members inherited from their superclasses.
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