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Change damage of LivingAttackEvent


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I found 2 ways of doing this but they both seem the wrong way. I made my own stat system with nbt on items and if player has a total of say 50 dmg, i want the weapon to do 50 dmg. Here are the 2 ways i did this that i think are wrong


firstly i tried just setting mob health but that has issues, the mobs don't drop any items then. 


secondly, i tried using the attackentityfrom method and making it unique so i can identify it and not make an infinite loop, but this looks like a disaster in the making


		if (event.getSource().isDamageAbsolute())return;		

		event.getEntityLiving().attackEntityFrom(event.getSource().setDamageIsAbsolute(), combinedDMG);


Am i missing the true way of doing this? And no i can't just change the dmg of items, there is crit chance, lifesteal etc to calculate too. 



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Can close the thread, i read some other thread here 


the suggestion to  open type hierarchy made me realize LivingDamageEvent event exists and that i can change the amount there with setamount!


There is a class called ForgeHooks that contains all the events 

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