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[1.12.2] Sound effect not played

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I'm trying to play a sound-effect for a player, via server-side code. However, none of these seem to trigger the sound effect, leaving me wondering if vanilla sounds use a different notation:

ResourceLocation location = new ResourceLocation("minecraft:block.note.hat");

ResourceLocation location = new ResourceLocation("minecraft", "block.note.hat");

ResourceLocation location = new ResourceLocation("block.note.hat");

and using them with:

player.world.playSound(player, player.getPosition(), new SoundEvent(location), SoundCategory.MASTER, 1, 1);

What's going wrong here?

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7 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

You are not using the method World::playSound in the way it is designed. Check out the documentation on playing sounds.

Oh, right, I did read the documentation, but misinterpreted the client/server side way. Should've figured since servers can't play sounds. derp.


9 minutes ago, Kokkie said:

Do you check if you're on the client or server side?

Also, I don't think you should create a new SoundEvent, rather use an existing one

I don't check client or server side, since my mod is just a customization for the experience on my server.
Good feedback on the SoundEvent though, that definitely helps!

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