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What are coremods?

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I was reading this post

On 6/17/2017 at 3:47 PM, LexManos said:

Sadly core modding is still a thing.

and it feels like core modding is something bad. What are core mods? Are they bad?


Edit: Nevermind. I found a post with information on it. http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/topic/62870-what-is-a-coremod-and-what-are-it-advantages-and-disadvantages/


I don't know how to delete my post. Although I still wonder if there is a way to identify which mod out there is a coremod.


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A more technical answer to this was lately given here:


A more end-user friendly answer:

Coremods are a special type of mod that have the ability to not only have their own code in it, but also modify every piece of code in vanilla minecraft however they please. This is a bad thing, because if this modified code fails, it will look as if vanilla minecraft itself has produced this problem, often making it near impossible to trace it back to the originating mod. Moreover ensuring compatibility when mods just modify vanilla code is much harder.

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Its not that difficult to do, if you open the JAR file as a zip and find the MANIFEST.MF file (inside the META-INF folder) and open it in a text editor, if it has the FMLCorePlugin value set, then it's a coremod (more accurately: if it is not set, it cannot be a coremod, if it is, you would have to examine the indicated class in JD-GUI to look for the annotations* that declare the class for being loaded for the class transformation events--ie. coremodding--but the only reason that it would be set would be if the developer went out of their way to set it because they need to perform those operations).


*Deliberately vague.

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