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Modular Bosses - Help Loading into MC


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My son wants Modular Bosses, I installed the Forge Installer, I downloaded two versions of Modular Bosses, both 1.8. 

did the %appdata%, found .minecraft but there was no \mods folder. Made folder, moved .jar files into it.

Started Minecraft, tried things but I'm now lost. 


Have I done something wrong or are there settings I need to change.


Thank you,

Super_Cooper's Dad


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Oh, I think I downloaded the wrong version of Forge. Just dl'd Forge1.8.9 and now it sees the files but it says something about same named files.


Forge Mod Loader has found a problem with your minecraft installation

You have mod sources that are duplicate within your system

Mod Id:File name

mb: Modular-Bosses-Mod-1.8-SandWorm.jar

mb: Modular-Bosses-Mod-1.8.jar


Do I have to delete one?

Edited by Jarubell
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