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MC 1.12.2 block break particle not correct [SOLVED]


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I have changed my blockstate file for my slabs temporarely to non forge way. Reason was my slabs didn't have the right block breaking particle.

So maybe i did something wrong and i decided to make a normal(standard) blockstate file and all needed block models and item models.

That was to no avail, as the particles are still not working correctly and i can't see the problem.

Here is my blockstate file:

    "variants": {
        "color=white,half=bottom": { "model": "tem:terracotta_slab_white" },
        "color=white,half=top": { "model": "tem:terracotta_upper_slab_white" },
        "color=orange,half=bottom": { "model": "tem:terracotta_slab_orange" },
        "color=orange,half=top": { "model": "tem:terracotta_upper_slab_orange" },
        "color=magenta,half=bottom": { "model": "tem:terracotta_slab_magenta" },
        "color=magenta,half=top": { "model": "tem:terracotta_upper_slab_magenta" },
        "color=light_blue,half=bottom": { "model": "tem:terracotta_slab_light_blue" },
        "color=light_blue,half=top": { "model": "tem:terracotta_upper_slab_light_blue" },
        "color=yellow,half=bottom": { "model": "tem:terracotta_slab_yellow" },
        "color=yellow,half=top": { "model": "tem:terracotta_upper_slab_yellow" },
        "color=lime,half=bottom": { "model": "tem:terracotta_slab_lime" },
        "color=lime,half=top": { "model": "tem:terracotta_upper_slab_lime" },
        "color=pink,half=bottom": { "model": "tem:terracotta_slab_pink" },
        "color=pink,half=top": { "model": "tem:terracotta_upper_slab_pink" },
        "color=gray,half=bottom": { "model": "tem:terracotta_slab_gray" },
        "color=gray,half=top": { "model": "tem:terracotta_upper_slab_gray" }

 And here is 1 of the block model jsons:

    "parent": "block/half_slab",
    "textures": {
        "bottom": "minecraft:blocks/hardened_clay_stained_orange",
        "top": "minecraft:blocks/hardened_clay_stained_orange",
        "side": "minecraft:blocks/hardened_clay_stained_orange",
        "particle": "minecraft:blocks/hardened_clay_stained_orange"

I'm pretty sure i don't need to add the texture for the particle as it gets it from the "side" , but because it doesn't work i added it. Still not working.

All blocks do have a particle effect and it appears to have this texture: minecraft:blocks/hardened_clay_stained_white

Everything else is working correctly

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