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[1.12.2] No generated


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None of this is connected.
During the FMLInitializationEvent, you call VolcanoStructure#load.
FMLInitializationEvent has no connection to a world. It is part of the FML-life-cycle, before any world (there's by default 3, so you should make sure to check you're in the right one) has even started to be read into memory.

VolcanoStructure#load does nothing, as well. It is an empty method. What did you expect to happen by calling it? There's nothing that calls VolcanoStructure::generateSurface, which actually creates the structure.

Furthermore, this is not how one should create WorldGen structures.
VolcanoStructure should implement IWorldGenerator, and then registered in FMLInitializationEvent with GameRegistry#registerWorldGenerator, which tells minecraft that when a chunk get's generated for the first time, it should run the code in every registered IWorldGenerator::generate methods.

Oh, and don't use Block#getBlockById. Neither you nor anyone else knows what blocks those are without looking up the id's first. Just use Blocks#STONE or whatever.

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