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[1.6.2]Space Marine Mod by Senitiel


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Cut spiders to pieces using laser rifle!

Melt skeletons with plasma gun!

Teach creepers how to fly using power fist!

All this while jumping rocket boots!



This mod adds some science-fiction weapons (lasers, blasters, plasma gun) as well as some utilities like mining laser or jet boots into the game. It makes the game-play a little easier and a whole lot funnier. Supports multiplayer (both LAN games and vanilla(forge) server).


(For balance reasons You may want to install some mods which make enemies tougher, or raise the difficulty level)


Current mod version is 1.6.2a, for minecraft 1.6.2


Visit senitiel.hol.es












    [iurl=#credits]Credits and Thanks[/iurl]

    [iurl=#todo]Planned features and known bugs[/iurl]




This mod is the fruit of countless hours of work and effort. You download it for free as it is and I am not responsible for any damage done to your saved games or your computer. This mod can be distributed on other sites granted, that they link directly to official download link posted in this thread. You don't have the permission to distribute this mod through 'mod packages', installers or pluggins. An installer can not host this mod, it must redirect the user to this thread. You can't modify or redistribute my mod without my written permission. Copyright © March 2013 Marcin Jan "Senitiel" Kulus.


Source code is available for viewing at senitiel.hol.es , although don't use it in 1:1 plagiatic fashion. I publish it so other people may see how some things are done, not to simply copy it. Mod is not available under GPL or any other open license. 

I maintain "The making of Space Marine Mod" forge tutorial.

It's never up to date though. 


[anchor=modpacks]Mod packs policy[/anchor]




Private mod packs are ok, and you don't need to notify my if you want to make one.


If you want to make a public mod pack, you need my advance written permission.


Its easy to get this one - just PM me with the details.






A mod review by rsfilmsworld








Laser Rifle



Cut spiders to pieces with laser rifle!

(And start some forest fire)







An all-purpose weapon, which shoots deadly rays in short, four shoot pulses. Each ray does 3 hearts damage and has a chance to set mobs on fire. It also sets environment on fire, just like flint and steel.

Rifle may be used as a melee weapon, dealing 2 hearts damage (this does not damage item).


Shoots deal laser damage, which ignores armour.


Consumes Redstone Batteries each shoot.




To craft, you need Redstone Repeaters, Lapis Lazuli Block, Emerald, Gold Ingot, Iron Ingots and Redstone Battery (most recipes require Redstone Batteries to minimize conflicts with other mods)





Redstone Battery


Ammo clip for Laser Rifle, Power Fist and Blasters. Also required to use Plasma Gun. Used in most recipes to minimize conflicts with other mods.




To craft you need Redstone Dust, Redstone Torches and Iron Ingot.







Blaster pistol



It can't be set to stun. But it can be overloaded.







An easy-to-craft, cheap weapon with two fire modes - normal and overload. Press X to go into overload mode.

In overload mode You charge it like the bow, to iflict more damage and create bigger explosions. It also uses more ammo, though.

Blaster bolts are slower than light, having speed of average gunpowder propelled bullet.

They explode on impact, doing some damage to blocks if you miss, dealing from 3,5 to 7 hearts damage and have good knock-back.  Blaster pistol may be used in melee, dealing 1,5 hearts damage.


Consumes Redstone Batteries (0.5 per shot in automatic mode, fully loaded consumes 1 battery per shot).



To craft, You need Iron Ingots, Redstone Block, Redstone Repeater and Redstone Battery








Blaster rifle



"Life is like a Box of chocolates" -Forrest Gump

"Life is like a Box of Ammo" - Duke Nukem




Press X to change fire modes

An rapid firing weapon. Rifle bolts are similar to these fired from pistol, although are slightly weaker, dealing from 3 to 6(overloaded) hearts damage.

The weapon has a much better fire rate, though, spewing bullets like there was no tomorrow.

Blaster bolts ignore the well-known red-blinking immunity, so long bursts let You quickly dispose of any enemy.   

Blaster rifle may be used in melee, dealing 2 hearts damage.


Consumes Redstone Batteries (0.5 per shot in automatic mode, fully loaded consumes 1 battery per shot).



To craft, You need Iron Ingots, Redstone Block, Redstone Repeater and Redstone Battery





Plasma Gun





This weapon will turn You into a griefer. This has been 100% clinically tested.







It's a very devastative medium-range assault weapon, seldom used for self-defense. Why?


After right-clicking it the first time, You will turn it on. It will start slowly consuming Your Redstone Batteries,

even if You don't shoot.


Right clicking again will shoot bolts of plasma. Rather cold at first, but the longer the weapon has been charging, the hotter plasma bolts will be, and the more damage will they inflict. Both to mobs and environment. Hottest bolts will turn sand into liquid glass, dirt into sand or gravel, gravel will be melted, wood will instantly turn into charcoal...


Can't be used in melee.


Deals fire damage, so it's rather useless in the nether.


Consumes Plasma Ammo and requires Redstone Batteries.




You need Redstone Repeater, Glass Block, Obsidian, Gold Ingot, Iron Ingots, Slime Ball and Redstone Batteries




Plasma Ammo


Ammunition for Plasma Gun. Also used to craft Rocket Fuel.



You need Redstone Battery, Bucket of Lava (Bucket is not lost in the process) and Glass Blocks.




What melts into what



Wooden elements change into charcoal instantly. The chance is based on how much wood is

used to craft this block. Unprocessed wooden logs have 100%, while planks 25%.


Cobblestone, stone, stone bricks turn into solid stone.


Most ores turn into smelted ingots. Most "economic" blocks (gold blocks, iron blocks) turn back into themselves.


Redstone blows up. Most destructive are redstone ore blocks, redstone blocks are second. It has more

power than tnt blocks.


Tnt blows instantly, without fusing.


Coal ore turns into diamond, but only 1% of the time. The other 99% it will disappear.


Most soft blocks (wool, plants) are vaporized.


Clay will turn into bricks, bricks are immune to heat.


Sand, sandstone and glass will turn into glass blocks. Glass panes will turn into glass

blocks with 1/6 probability.


Things found in the nether are usually considered heatproof. 


Obsidian turns back into lava, which makes lava renewable.








Power Fist





Well, ok. Creppers can't fly, and You cannot teach them that. But with Power Fist you could train them to be professional basketball players.







This is probably the first melee weapon, that requires ammo (1/2 Redstone Battery each successful hit). Each swing does only 3 hearts damage by itself, but it has a HUUUUUUUGE knock-back, usually dealing additional fall damage. Mobs

knocked onto walls will receive fall damage.


Also, it has several "moves":

-normal - knocks the mob the direction You're walking

-charge - attack while sprinting to knocks the mob really far away

-uppercut - attack while crouching or going backwards to launch the mob into the air

-pound - attack while jumping to knock the mob into the ground, Goku style, making it explode on impact (explosion doesn't hurt You, but may hurt other players or other mobs).


A desired combo consist of uppercut+pound, but this requires Jet Boots to perform. If you have Jet Boots equipped, right click while holding Power Fist to jump into the air.




You need Iron Ingots, Iron Block and Redstone Battery















Mining Laser




Hey! Obsidian! This town ain't big enough for the two of us!.







A laser device used primarily for mining stuff. Can quickly mine through all kind of material, with exception of


Really useful for mining Obsidian or Glowstone, or reaching Ores placed at the ceiling.

Destroys up to three block with one shoot. While it needs some time to recharge after each shoot, it requires a lot less energy than quick firing Laser Rifle - it doesn't require Redstone Batteries - each shoot only damages item.


When used as a weapon, each shoot does 2 hearts damage, and cannot set neither mobs, nor ground on fire. Also it cannot be used in close combat effectively. Nevertheless, one may use it, when no better ranged weapon is available, or to soften creepers before charging in with the sword.




You need Redstone Repeater, Lapis Lazuli Block, Diamond, Gold Ingots, Redstone Dust and Redstone Battery








Rocket Boots





The Creepers aren't making any progress, are they? Well, maybe then You should think of NBA carrier for yourself?


Wearing these boots doesn't simply allow you to fly like in the Creative Mode. These boots are a giant leap for the humanity, by allowing men to make giant leaps. Press space in the midair to jump really high. By combining space with direction keys, you jump half the height, which is required for soft landings. Requires some practice to master, but it's a must-have in Extreme Hills biomes or the Nether.


I consumes Rocket Fuel each jump.


Ah, I would forget.  Try it while riding a minecart  - it can not only save You some gold by propeling the minecart, but it allows to jump over the gaps as well.


Recipe(shapeless, item order doesn't matter)


You need Redstone Battery, Gold Ingot and brand new, undamaged Iron Boots.




Rocket Fuel


Consumed each jump.




You need TNT, Plasma Ammo and  Iron Ingots













-Blaster now doesn't destroy blocks if mobgriefing is off

-Made several constants configurable in the minecraft/config/senitielsspacemarinemod.cfg file

  -Laser, Blaster shooting damage

  -Laser,Blaster, Power Fist melee damage

  -Blaster explosion radius

  -Blaster griefing (can be completely disabled)

  -Rocket boots jump strength

  -Rocket boots fall resistance (can be increased to make jumping easier)

  -Power fist knockback





- Rocket fuel is no longer needed to use rocket boots in creative mode



Major changes:

- Fire modes for blaster pistol and blaster rifle. Press X to change fire modes.

-Blaster pistol and blaster rifle can be overloaded to deal more damage.

-Blaster rifle has now also 3x burst.

Minor changes:

-Plasma gun is now shoot from the hip, so that bolt animation no longer disturbs anyone sight.




Only minor changes, as update caught me in the middle of adding new features:

- fixed pistol multiplayer reloading glitch

- fixed mining laser  reloading glitch


1.5.1a - version


Major changes:

-Improved powerfist

-Better rendering

-Does damage when throwing enemies onto walls

-Can be used to smash down flying mobs

Minor changes:

-Rocket boots can be now used to jump large gaps in minecarts

-Blaster pistol doesn't bump Your view when You craft it or pick it up

-Fixed a bug where blaster rifle didn't ignore red mob flashing



1.5.1 - version

Fixed a small bug with fire blocking plasma bolts.


1.5.0 - version

[Major changes]

- Added Blaster pistol

- Added Blaster rifle

[Minor changes]

- Changed Mining Laser recipe to use Redstone Blocks instead of redstone dust

- Plasma Ammo recipe now gives 16 clips instead of 8

- Added an animation for Plasma Gun

- Added Config file - now it's easier to resolve id conflicts

- Fixed a bug where laser bolts were not visible if user was moving forward while shooting

-Fixed a bug where mining laser was useless against glowstone.








Download Space Marine Mod 1.6.2 for Minecraft 1.6.2


Download recommended version of Forge


Older versions




[anchor=install]Installation instructions[/anchor]




This mod requires Minecraft Forge, so install it first.


After you have Forge installed, put senitielsspacemarinemod.zip into mods folder.


Installation video by JazztheFridge













If you like my mod, and want to support it, you may help in several ways:


By making videos


By putting this banner into your signature






By notifying me in case of any bugs


By making texture packs


By posting good ideas


The mod will be further developed. While I have several ideas, on how to improve existing items and what else could be added, but I'm open to good suggestions.


By telling your friends


Spread the good news! I think I don't have to encourage anyone to do that width=20 height=20http://static.minecraftforum.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img]


By donating


If my mod gave you lots of good time, I would really appreciate Your appreciation. Even 0.1$ is gladly seen.




[anchor=credits]Credits and Thanks[/anchor]



Senitiel  - author of this mod

JazztheFridge - made a video with installation instructions - Thanks!

rsfilmsworld - made a review of 1.4.7 version - Thanks!.


Sounds - from Freesound.org:

bubaproducer, zimbot, DeadlyMustard, Ch0cchi, wildweasel


Gurman8r - thanks for better blaster texture. (Sorry man, I just got too used to my own derpy laser rifle texture ;)).

Thanks a lot!



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Updated to 1.5.1.


Added Blaster Rifle and Blaster Pistol.




Awesome mod! Been thinking about doing a mod of my own with guns and the likes from the 40k universe but couldn't understand the code for making the guns shoot. Any tips and tricks to share?


The first step, after You've done basic item tutorials, would be to look at the Vanilla ItemBow and EntityArrow or EntitySnowball and ItemSnowball. Use OnItemRightClick in Your gun class to spawn Your bolter bolt. At first, try it with invisible shoots, the rest will come with time and practice.  Toy a little with it and You should do fine.


wow this is a really good mod ;D but I do have some suggestions and ideas I think you should add a plasma grenade that sticks to mobs and blocks

and a rocket launcher that shoots meteor rocks


For Halo granade You'll have to wait some time, but the second idea will be in some way satisfied I believe rather soon, even if it's not what You meant.



Thanks for replies!



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Version 1.6.2 released


Someone was bugging me to add configurable blaster griefing property, so I added it, alongside with some more customization.


One may now modify:

  -Laser, Blaster shooting damage

  -Laser,Blaster, Power Fist melee damage

  -Blaster explosion radius

  -Blaster griefing (can be completely disabled)

  -Rocket boots jump strength

  -Rocket boots fall resistance (can be increased to make jumping easier)

  -Power fist knockback

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