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[1.12.2] Make entity check for configuration changes and apply those changes to itself


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The title itself sounds a bit confusion but here's a more explained version of it. Basically, I added in code that would give the dogs in the DoggyTalents mod genders. I have all of that working however, I want to have it togglable, in case some people do not like having genders in the game, so I added a configuration to it aswell. I have the configurations and checking system working.. but when I switch off the setting, the dogs that have a gender do not "lose" their gender, they still maintain it, as well as if I go and turn the switch on, the dogs that didn't have a gender at all does not get a gender at all. So far, what I have done to get the gender randomization system going was a simple if statement that would check to see if configuration for allowing genders was set to true, then check if datatracker had any gender names in. If it was empty (it's empty when the entity first spawns in), it will randomly pick between male and female. It looks like this:

	private void randomizeGender() {
		if(Constants.DOG_GENDER == true) {
        	if (this.getGender() == "") {
        		if (rand.nextInt(2) == 0) {
        		else {


The entirety of the class right now looks like this

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